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Getting Started

Quick access to important topics are listed below:

  • Demos - If you're new to EasyTalk, check out the demos to get a taste of things! 😄
  • Tutorials - For some interesting/useful tutorials to learn about easy talk and get started.
  • The Node Editor - If you want to learn about the node editor and its features.
  • Node Types - Provides explanations of various EasyTalk node types.
  • Dialogue Controllers - Explains Dialogue Controllers and how they are used to control dialogue playback.
  • Dialogue UI - Provides a breakdown of the EasyTalk Dialogue UI system.
  • API / Code Reference Documentation - An API reference for the EasyTalk runtime code.
  • Join the Discord! - We would love to see what you've made with EasyTalk! The discord community is also a place where you can ask questions, recommend features, or report bugs!